Engineering Services

All services related to manufacturing
automation under one roof

AMT has grown from just a few individuals focused on the automotive market in 1989 to more than 120 technical professionals who execute robotics automation services across a diversity of industries. We’re in aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, food and beverage, rubber and plastics, material handling and pretty much anywhere robots are used.


Automation/Manufacturing Consulting

We work with your management team, understanding technical requirements and financial targets, to advise on the best path for implementing automation services in your manufacturing process.


Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Our Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (AME) process is a logical, phased approach that breaks down any manufacturing problem into a series of data reviews and decision points that leads you into automation – or not – with eyes wide open.


Safety Consulting & Risk Assessment

We assess the safety risks in conceptual or existing systems and also validate proposed solutions to mitigate or remove safety risks.


Project Management

We engineer and manage large, complex automation systems all the time. Project management is fundamental to this success. We also provide temporary project managers on contract to run other company’s projects.


Digital Manufacturing & Simulation

Simulation is at the core of our expertise, including complete system simulations for throughput analysis, design validation, and robot simulations to predict and validate the performance of your robotic automation work cell. See it in action before you implement!


Robot Programming/Software Development

Our team of qualified engineers is experienced with all major brands of robotic equipment and can customize the software required for your application. Offline program templates can be written during the simulation design phase of the project and used to create efficiencies during integration.


Mechanical Design

We apply all major software packages used for mechanical design, processing and system layout to solve your manufacturing challenges.


Controls Design

We are adept in all aspects of controls engineering with a large controls engineering team composed of hardware designers and software developers.


Field Startup

We provide all the necessary resources for the implementation of your new automation system. Our temporary management team guides your staff through the installation and training processes to ensure the successful and efficient use of the equipment.


Technical Training & Documentation

We design and deliver custom training and documentation based on your specific needs. We are especially known for “application-specific” training and “brand-transition” robot training.

We manage a wide range of projects including:

  • Pre-engineering consulting and cost analysis
  • Strategic planning and advanced manufacturing engineering
  • Simulation of robotic operations and complete system throughput, system layout and mechanical design
  • Control system design
  • Robot automation programming and software development
  • Risk assessment and safety consulting
  • Comprehensive management of field start-up operations

Services Summary:

  • Process & Engineering Development
  • Automation Consultation
  • Lean Value Stream Mapping
  • Specification Development
  • Cell & System GUI Development
  • Manufacturing Systems Development
  • FMEA and R&M Study Generation
  • Cell & System Simulation
  • Discrete Event Modeling